Anonymous asked:

Hello, I was wondering how you like being a marine biologist and what is the job market like for it? My boyfriend is studying to become one but I'm not sure if he'll he able to find a good job once he graduates.

I love it, but I’ve always loved it. I told my Mom when I was two I wanted to be a Marine Biologist in Hawai’i, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. It’s an incredibly broad field and your specialty has a lot to do with the job market you can enter. My specialty is in fish rearing and ichthyology. If it’s fish related I’m there, and ornamental aquaculture is a passion of mine. Unfortunately if your boyfriend is going into something like the field I’m in there’s not much funding for it. Pretty much most marine biologists make less than someone at McDonalds, but we do it cause we love it. If you want to go into the field and really make money though you can try for a job with a private company. Those pay way better. If your skill set is something like phycology (algae science) or marine microbe work you can find huge money jobs with big oil, etc. What it comes down to is really why you’re doing it. If your bf’s goal is to make money and get wealthy then I’d say it’s not a good fit for him. If he truly LOVES marine bio then he should go for it, but it’s rough sometimes. Also if he wants to be a marine mammal trainer or shark specialist he should just not. :P Dolphin trainers last about five minutes in a marine bio program and should actually get psychology degrees instead of marine bio and there are tons of shark people who wimp out in the first year. If he likes it though, he should go for it. I wouldn’t be able to do my job for the pay (or lack thereof) I’m getting if I didn’t really enjoy being there every day. For comparison one of my bosses is in her forties, works 70+ hours a week, and makes about 35k a year. If he’s not sure how much he likes it, have him intern at labs and aquariums. Again, you have to love it to do it.